The LifeMapp app was developed for the One O One Fund in partnership with Sofinco

Created in January 2018, the 101 (One O One) Endowment Fund works for progress in resuscitation by financing projects to educate caregivers, research projects, and actions to support patients and families.

101’s ambition is to transform intensive care towards personalized medicine, so that every patient benefits from the best possible chances of survival and quality of life. Its 4-year objective is to save 1 million lives by reducing the mortality rate of patients hospitalized in intensive care and improving their quality of life after hospitalization.

To achieve this, 101 has developed a unique, strategic, innovative and data-driven program implemented across its global network of 101-affiliated intensive care units (currently 1204 units in 66 countries). The three main thrusts of the 101 program:

  • “Better care”: Improving practices through training programs for resuscitation caregivers to enhance their performance and reduce mortality.
  • “Better understanding”: Accelerate the discovery of new reference practices by funding innovative research programs and investing in artificial intelligence.
  • “Better support”: Unite caregivers, patients and families in a supportive community by deploying digital support and exchange solutions to accompany patients in their recovery during and beyond hospitalization.

Intensive care concerns us all

Intensive care is a specialty in which the battle for life is fought, whatever the life-threatening illness. Critical care concentrates the most serious patients, and fights a daily battle to offer them quality “second lives”. Every one of us will be admitted to intensive care at least 2 times in our lifetime, and the need will increase by 46% between now and 2030.

The consumer credit arm of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group.

A key partner to the retail sector, Sofinco offers a wide range of consumer credit products, from cars to household goods.

Resolutely committed to society through its Sofinco For Good program, Sofinco supports a number of associations in the public interest. At the height of the health crisis, Sofinco and its employees decided to support the One-O-One Foundation. This support, at first simply financial, became a local aid for the development of the LifeMapp application. Sofinco employees contributed their skills to One-O-One throughout the creation of LifeMapp, to support patients and their families during the resuscitation period.

Sofinco is proud to have contributed to such an important project, and thanks the One O One Foundation for the opportunity to work together on it.

Crédit Agricole Conseil & Développement Digital (CACD2) was created to meet the need to accelerate the digital transformation of Crédit Agricole Group entities, particularly by developing web and mobile applications. As a reference partner for many of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance’s digital projects, we didn’t hesitate to respond when the 1on1 project was proposed to us. It was with enthusiasm and determination that we put CACD2’s digital skills at the service of progress in resuscitation. The LifeMapp application, an innovative project with a societal impact, has enabled us to collaborate with both doctors and patients to offer a quality tool with shared values.

CACD2 is proud to have contributed to the design of this project as Sofinco’s digital partner. Discover CACD2 

Thanks to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) for the home page video.